2 Website URLs Are Better Than One

2 Website URLs Are Better Than One

Obtain Two Domains For One Website

There are many business owners that think websites only have one domain. URL www.BakingCakes.com is an example of a business URL. Your website can have as many domains that will direct to one website. Your URLs need to be specifically directed to your business website. People are going to look for your business, and a domain with your business name is good.

Your second website name should be related keywords such as products or services. For example, if you sell Cakes in the Los Angeles area, your second domain should be BakingCakesLosAngeles.com. The reason why you would need to add the location that your service, is to make sure Google picks it up as a search result. People in your area are going to log in to Google and look for your business, and your domain will help.

Obtain a website that can have 2 different URLs. This approach will help boost website traffic. It is amazing how much traffic you can obtain with two domains.

Naming Your Website URL Domain

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