7 Reasons Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

7 Reasons Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

7 Reasons Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

Many real estate agents or business owners are not getting with what the millennials are advanced on…That is putting up their business on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, are the many social media websites you can enroll your business and expand. Your business, believe it or not needs a Facebook page.  Your business needs to grow an audience in order for it to expand. Facebook now has 1.28 billion people who use its services every single day, up from 18% year-over-year. With many people on social media your net can widen up if you were to put your business out there. Wouldn’t you want to grow?

Benefits From Using Social Media

You are able to identify and relate to influential people and decision makers in your industry, including suppliers and new companies with which you can team up. Don’t limit yourself in networking with others; they might be doing something that you haven’t done so yet.

You get to Generate more leads. There more people recognize your work or  business the more chances of generating leads.

Easily and quickly create and publish your message at little or no cost without special skills. The more you post the more visible you are to your audience. If there is no post or ads coming out of your social media website, people are not going to be familiar with you or your company.

Improve your visibility through search engines. The more you expand on social media, the more traffic you will bring in. Search engines are able to recognize that your business is getting traffic, and they will rank you higher on search engines.

Publicize events and campaigns. You might want to get the word out on your open house, but calling people or sending flyers are in the past. They are not only a waste, but they are pricey too. People tend to forget flyers or lose them too. People need Facebook reminders that your open house event is approaching. They need to have the address ready to search with one simple click.

Make your presence on the web by substituting for a website. Many people don’t have the time to type in your entire URL website (I know mine is long too) so it’s best to make it visible on social media with one simple click. The person will get familiar with your social media page and go on further in to your website if they decide to buy. This is a great way to remind your audience that your product is what they need.

Turn what you learn about our company (see what people have to say about your company) in to a better service, product, or content that can be repackaged in marketing materials and on your website. If someone is tagging your business online for the crappy service they received from an employee, you would want to know that right? Employees or not going to tell you they gave crappy service to anyone. Your direct customer will let you know through social media. This way you can address the situation where it needs to be.

If you’re trying to expand your business or simply start off your business.

If you find yourself stuck with no web traffic, and don’t know how to work the web.

There are many ways you can expand your business at an affordable rate.

Please call for any marketing questions you may have for me.  I am available any time to talk about your business marketing plans.

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