7 Ways To Create Organic Content That Will Generate Leads?

7 Ways To Create Organic Content That Will Generate Leads?

Many business owners toss and turn all night long, going over and over what they are doing wrong. Many dont consider the huge power the internet has on businesses. Those that are not plugged in to the web are missing out big time. Missing out on closing deals, repeating customers, and generating new customers. The following are ways you are able to generate leads though content creation. It is very easy and it is totally free.

  1. People want to know what you think! They love what is your opinion over what ever topic you bring up. Your customers will love to hear what your thoughts are about the topic. “what people have to say about aging”.
  2. Educate Your Customers/Content Destinations “Top Places You Can Enjoy Wine Tours In California”
  3. Behind The Scenes– Everyone wants to have a sneak peak of what others are missing out on. Behind the scenes of “John Wick 2”. Everyone is psyched about the great movies Keanu Reeves brings in. We like the great action and adventure that takes part in his great action films. With that said many of us would like to see the “behind-the-scenes” to see how it was all created.
  4. Listener Feedback People want to know what others have to say about your specific product. The more there is talk about your product, the more audience you will gain.
  5. How To Posts. When you do these posts, your chances of gaining traffic will expand 100%. When you do these Google recognizes it as a generated answer that people are looking for. If we were to simply type in “BAKE CAKE” the first search result is “How To bake a cake”. They didn’t necessary have to pay for Ads to be #1 in the search engines. They simply broke down in a list how to bake a cake.

6. Articles/Blog Posts. This has got to be the easiest way to generate organic traffic without having to use video or audio and still engage with your audience. Click here for blog post examples.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Makes It Rain On His Estate in Beverly Hills

7. Face to camera. This is the best way to keep to engage with your audience. When you create this content, you are able to add a transcription, add highlights, and tag the right audience to engage.

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