Boyle Heights “No Se Vende”

Boyle Heights “No Se Vende”

Boyle Heights “No Se Vende”

“We’re being colonized,” she says. “It’s like we’re supposed to adapt to what’s becoming their neighborhood.” Says Marisol García – LA Weekly.

Boyle Heights Protesters are calling it the Urban Colonization

Gentrification– process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. “an area undergoing rapid gentrification”


Gentrification is exactly what Boyle Heights is going through. Boyle Heights has become the front line in the battle against the rising costs and threats of displacement caused by gentrification. Protesters from Boyle Heights are enraged with the big gentrification changes. Activists have protested against the “artwashing” of Boyle Heights, converging on the art galleries that populate the industrial district by the river and calling for supposed gentrifying businesses to withdraw from the neighborhood.  The land is developing slowly but surely turning it around into the “artsy fartsy” place that it is becoming.

The Sears Building, a long-vacant art deco landmark on Olympic Boulevard, is being gut-renovated for 1,028 new units of market-rate housing and 99,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. A few blocks away on Olympic, the Depression-era Wyvernwood Garden Apartments will see 1,187 existing rent-controlled units on the property demolished and replaced with 4,400 condominiums and apartments with 300,000 square feet of retail and office space. Yes, that old building you pass by on Olympic or Soto everyday that looks like something in the movies. That building will have many residents living there in the future. As it is that area is very congested, can you imagine more residents living in the area?

Some people don’t even want to deal with the headaches and are opting out. Investors are taking advantage of this situation and putting up pink signs around Los Angeles that say “ We Buy Homes Cash”. People decide to not deal with the headache and are moving out of Los Angeles. But the ones that are still here are speaking up before it is too late. Los Angeles has made its big moves, but this move can potentially wipe out what used to be the old Boyle Heights we know. With many people moving into Los Angeles with more money, no wonder the prices are going up in the area.

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