How Do You Bring Real Estate Organic Traffic To Your Website?

How Do You Bring Real Estate Organic Traffic To Your Website?

How Do You Bring Real Estate Organic Traffic To Your Website?

What is organic traffic?

As a real estate agent you always want to be on top of all marketing strategies to generate more listings. One of the big marketing strategies that brings in Real Estate organic traffic. This is a great way to get an audience that did not know you existed. How does it work? By creating blog posts that are of interest to your audience. Blog posts come straight out of your website. You can look at it somewhat as a newsletter or article in the news. The blog posts contain SEO content (Search Engine Optimization) that will help drive in traffic.  SEO content consists of keywords that are popular and are trending in real estate. Depending on the target audience you choose to target will determine what keywords to use. For example, if you are targeting buyers, you will need to talk about subjects that will pertain to buyers. A good example would be writing an article of the latest home buying trends, or what color will you paint your house next? These are interesting articles to write, but always keep in mind that the keyword will be sprinkled around the article.

Why do you need to have selected keywords?  The reason you need to use specific keywords is so that way you are able to rank higher in the search engine. The more times you use targeted keywords the higher you rank in the search engine results. For example, if I were to type “Buy Homes Santa Monica” the search engine will pull up the following:

As a real estate agent you want to be the number one pick for buying or selling homes in the location you are in. The way to rank higher in Google searches is by creating posts that obtain the selected keywords. It does take a while to start ranking in Google, but slowly but surely  you will start ranking. A great source to use to see where you stand in the world wide web is

You are able to see a full report that describes your website keywords, and your competitors’ keywords. This is a great tool to use to see where you stand and where you need to stand when it comes to real estate web traffic. For more information on how to rank in Google please feel free to contact me at (323)688-9243 or email me at

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