Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Your Clear Message

Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Your Clear Message

Simple ways to cut the B.S. and Drive Traffic To Your Website

Drive traffic to your website

As a brand it is important to define something your customer wants because as we defined something our customer wants, we can compose a story question in the mind of the customer:

Can this brand get me what I want? 

In story terms,  identifying a potential desire for your customer opens what sometimes is called a story gap. The idea is to keep the customer to think that he or she needs you to fill in their story gap. For example, moviegoers love to figure out what is the story gap in the movie to start filling in the gap.  When we fail to define something our customer wants, we fail to open a story gap. When we don’t open a story gap in customers’ mind, they have no motivation to engage us, because there is no question that demands a resolution. When you define something a customer wants and featuring it in our marketing materials will open a story gap.

Hunger is the opening of the story gap and a meal ushers its closing.

Drive traffic to your website

Filter your customer needs into a single focus. A big mistake many companies or bands do is that they make in defining something their customers want is they don’t pare down that desire into a simple focus. There are so many great aspects of that service in which your customer can benefit from, should we advertise them all. The answer is no, not yet. First thing is first until we have filtered out a specific desire known to help them achieve it. You would need to direct a specific result that you will help them accomplish. As you create your campaigns focus on one simple desire by defining something simple and relevant to your customers wants and become known for delivering on that promise. After satisfying your customers’ basic desire will only serve to delight and surprise them more.

Choosing the right desire relevant to your customers’ survival is key. Once you make your point that they need your service or product for survival. What do I mean by survival? I am talking about that primitive desire we all have to be safe, healthy, happy, and strong. Survival simply means we have the economic an social resources to eat, drink, reproduce, and fend off enemies. So what do these desires look like?

Conserving financial resources

Conserving Time

Gaining Status

Accumulating Resources

The innate desire to be generous

Desire For Meaning

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