Shop For A Costume Online Instead Of Going To The Store

Shop For A Costume Online Instead Of Going To The Store

Going to the store for a costume is the thing in the past.

Shop For A Costume Online Instead Of Going To The Store. What better way of doing business than with a reliable team that will give you the service they promise.

It is crazy how many people opt for purchasing their costume online instead of going to an actual store. granted many still walk into a physical store due to size accuracy. But if you know exactly what fits you, you go ahead and buy it, like how I did. I bought the Incredibles Violet and Elasticgirl costume on the website I had bought these costumes for my daughter age 6 and myself age 29. I thought to myself, women sizes run accordingly so I ordered a medium as for my daughter she is a Medium in youth size and a medium for myself. Me thinking it was all good, by the time I received it I noticed my daughters costume was way too big! Mine fit perfectly, mind you I bought the costumes so we can match. The last thing is to be an Elastigirl myself.

Anyways we went on to PartyCity since that was the merchant that sold us the costume on Amazon. The thing was they didn’t have the size she needed. They were totally out of the size Small, and I wasn’t about to drive miles to the next store for a cheesy costume. So, my only thought was to go back to Amazon purchase a small size and return the medium. Turns out Amazon has a next day shipping and for free if you are an Amazon prime member. Returns are easy too, you get to ship the costume to its rightful merchant with a prepaid shipping label. The only downside is that I have to wait for the refund. Other than that, I never really had to leave my home.

Reasons why I would rather shop online.

  1. Never get to leave your home.
  2. No need to drive and look for parking (especially if you live in LA)
  3. Chances they won’t have your size in the store.
  4. Reliable websites that will guarantee service.
  5. Free shipping and Next Day Shipping
  6. Free Returns.

What more can you ask for? If you can avoid hurtles that could have gotten in your way.

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