Real Estate SEO Writing

Real Estate SEO Writing

SEO Writing for Real Estate Sales Professionals


Real estate sales professional encompasses all phases of real estate professionals:

  • Real Estate Buyers Agent
  • Real Estate Listing Agent
  • Real Estate Loan Agent

The list could go on to probably hundreds of niches in real estate, e.g. first time

home buyer, luxury home property specialist, commercial real estate, you get the point.

Recent surveys show that as high 90% or real estate consumers start their search online.

A real estate professional must be having an SEO optimized site for their service area

and niche in real estate, to have success in real estate in the digital age.

Examples of good SEO practices

A real estate professional that specialize in condo sales in Santa Barbara, California

must have a website/blog that is optimized for these key phrases

  • “condo sales santa barbara”
  • “real estate condo santa barbara”
  • “condominium sales santa barbara”
  • “real estate condominium santa barbara”
  • “condo sales santa barbara CA”

Each key phrase can be optimized more with the ZIP codes of the target market.

Real estate sales professional should make blog posts with relevant information regard

the condo market in Santa Barbara, CA. The above strategy can be used if your real

estate sales professional that sells agricultural farm land in Arkansas or if you sell

mansions in Beverly Hills, CA.

How Frequently You Should Post

Search Engines are hungry for original, useful content for their users. Every time

a new article/post is posted to a website/blog the search engines come and scrap

the site. The more times that the search engines scrap a website/blog with original

useful content, the higher the ranking will have the site. The higher the ranking,

the higher it will appear in the search engine results. The higher the website/blog

appears in search results the visitors the website/blog will have, the real estate

prospects that will visit the site.

Anytime there is important relevant news regarding the website topic, a blog

post should be posted to keep the blog relevant with the most current information

available. In addition to keeping up with most relevant news a minimum of twelve

posts should be posted every month.

Current Relevant Information

There are always several topics that can be tied into your real estate professional

sales career and a real estate blog. Real Estate Consumers are interested in current

interest rates, real estate trends, new developments, new zoning areas, school ratings,

crime rate, etc…

B2B Real Estate Sales Professionals

  • Title Officer
  • Escrow Officer
  • Appraisers
  • Home Inspectors
  • Mold Inspectors

Each of the above professions it is recommended that the have a well optimized site for their profession.

An escrow officer for example should have a well-optimized site. The escrow

officers should be optimized for their specialty in the industry. E.g. if escrow officer

specialty is bar sales escrow, the site should be optimized for “Escrow Bar Sales Los Angeles”.

A home inspector provides services in the San Fernando Valley, CA. The following keyword to be included in the website.

  • Home Inspection San Fernando Valley, CA
  • Condo Inspection San Fernando Valley, CA
  • Home Inspections Van Nuys, CA…

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