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SEO For Real Estate Agents Increase Your Site Ranking

seio writing by betty

Where do you want your real estate career to be in 5 years?  If you want to thrive in your real estate career,

recent stats show the following information.  Real Estate leads are on the net.

  • 90% of buyers use the Internet
  • 53% of buyers start their search online
  • 86% of search for real estate information online
  • 253% increase in real estate related searches – recent years

Why should the search engines display your site or blog, when an Internet user is

searching for e.g. “ best listing agent Manhattan Beach CA”?

The search engines are going display the website or blog that has the most relevant information

regarding “best listing agent Manhattan Beach CA” to the user.  The site or blog that is properly

optimized for the term and has most update, useful, relevant information regarding Manhattan

Beach, CA and listing agent info. On April 2015, Google released an update.  The update will boost

the rank of mobile sites over non mobile sites.


6 Tips to rank high in the Search Engines

Your real estate website or blog must be mobile/responsive.

Below is an example of mobile – responsive real estate website.

The real estate website or blog is visible in all devices a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and phone.
Here is a link from Google regarding mobile responsive sites.  

1. The real estate website must be SEO optimized.

Optimize your website for the city, neighborhood, zip code you service.

 Eg. your name + real estate + city, listing agent + your city or zip code, city + homes for sale.  

This gives some examples contact me and I will prepare a keyword silo for your area and services.

The link below is a video from Google.

 It’s a 10-minute video where Google gives you the basics about SEO.  

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me regarding SEO for real estate professionals.


2. Write relevant real estate blog post for your target audience.

Below is a link from they are one of the top Internet marketing guys around.  

The link is to 202 blog post ideas.  They give you good tips, be useful, be generous, be entertaining.

3.Share breaking news about the real estate industry. is one of the top SEO experts in the industry.   This article describes the process for

sharing the latest and trending news.  Share breaking real estate news regarding your geographical

area, and breaking real estate news that is useful to your target audience.


4. Submit your real estate website or blog to real estate directories.

Sites such as:,,, and there are other real estate directories.  

Also list your real estate website and real estate blog on as many directories as possible.  Directories help

your page rank with the search engines.


5. Real Estate Agent Dominate With Social Media.

The average American person spends 2 hours on social media per day.


A real estate salesperson to be successful it is essential that they are active in social media.  

A successful strategy is to post relevant useful information on social media sites and past a link to their website or blog.  

See the article from

6. Use Images On Website.

Images are the key to get a real estate website or blog noticed.  Websites with images receive 94% more

views that website or blogs without images.